How Much do Concept Food Brokers Cost?

Concept food brokers costs vary depending on a range of factors. As we mentioned before, they work on a commission fee basis – but the percentage will be established when the contract is written at the start of your business partnership.

Typically commission rates for concept food brokers varies between three and ten percent. If your product has not been on the market for long or your business has little or no reputation then you can expect to pay at the higher end of the commission rates, as the work load required by the concept food broker is significantly increased compared to an already established company or product.

For new clients a concept food broker may charge an initial set up fee, however in most cases this can be reimbursed through your first commission fee.

Where to Find a Concept Food Broker?

Why use a Concept Food Broker?

The reason why food manufacturers and producers use concept food brokers is largely to save them effort and money – as well as to get their products into the increasingly competitive food service industry market.

Concept food brokers have insider knowledge and expertise that are a valuable asset to any small or medium-sized food manufacturing business. The costs of hiring a dedicated sales person to take care of the sales and marketing for your company far outweigh the costs of using a concept food broker.

Concept food brokers work on a commission fee basis; therefore if they don’t sell your products then you don’t pay them any money. If your sales volumes are relatively low than this cost is significantly cheaper than a full-time sales employee.

The foodservice industry is very competitive and they demand high quality of food and with so many food manufacturers trying to sell their goods within that industry you need to be one step ahead of your competition. A concept food broker knows the ins and outs of the industry much more so than a generic food broker and is your best chance of securing sales and increasing profits from your product.

What is a Concept Food Broker?

A concept food broker is an independent sales agent that sells and markets food products specifically to the foodservice industry.Unlike a standard food broker, a concept food broker has specialty knowledge of selling food that is marketable to those selling food in restaurants and other catering facilities.

The types of food products that are catered for by concept food brokers varies – some specialize in certain foods whereas others will have clients covering all possible food products that may be required by the food service industry. Such foods might include condiments, frozen foods and dairy products.

Some concept food brokers will have set meal ideas that they can suggest to their clients such as appetizers and side dishes to increase the potential sales volume of their products.

Food is big business, and one of the ways in which we get the food we love on our plates is thanks to food brokers. One of the specialist types of food brokers are concept food brokers. So what are they and what can they do for your business?

Concept Food Brokers

There are concept food brokers located all across the USA, and indeed the world. The easiest way to find a concept food broker is by searching on the internet. Most large and reputable concept food brokers have their own websites through which you can contact them to discuss your needs and requirements.

Concept food brokers often attend related trade shows across the USA, which can be a fantastic way to meet with them in person. Look out for trade shows in your area.

Finally, personal recommendations are one of the best ways to find a concept food broker. Speak to friends, colleagues and family members and ask if they have any personal recommendations or have dealt with any concept food brokers.

Even if you find a concept food broker via the internet or local directory you should always do background research and get previous client testimonials where possible.

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