Where to Find an International Food Broker

To understand the role of an international food broker we must first understand that of a food broker. A food broker acts as an independent agent for food manufacturers and producers, and helps them to sell and market their products to retailers and wholesalers. They use their in depth industry knowledge and expertise to maximize sales volumes and profits for their clients. Food brokers generally work within a small geographic area.

So in essence, an international food broker is a food broker that deals on a much larger, international scale. Their clients are looking for a food broker that can help them to market and sell their products overseas. This obviously is a lot trickier than trying to sell to your local supermarket, so it requires the expert knowledge that an international food broker can provide.

International food brokers don’t only sell products overseas but they can be used for importing goods into a country. For example, American supermarkets largely use international food brokers to source the foods that are on their shelves. It is a lot easier than dealing with international manufacturers directly.

With the recent major increase in globalization, the demand for international food brokers has peaked and more and more food manufacturers are realizing the benefits and need to sell their product to a global market.

What is an International Food Broker?

International Food Brokers

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International Food Brokers – Europe

A huge amount of the world’s food and other products are produced and manufactured in Asia. Thanks to low labor and production costs, the price of food products is significantly cheaper than those made in countries such as the USA.

In most cases, food producers and manufacturers in the USA are not looking at exporting to the Asian market, as it generally isn’t cost effective. However, a huge number of retailers and wholesalers use US-based international food brokers to source products from Asia.

International food brokers that work within the Asian food market need to have very good connections with food manufacturers across Asia. In many cases they will be multilingual and be able to liaise and deal with both English-speaking clients and other nationalities such as Chinese.

One of the key benefits of using an international food broker to sell food between Asian countries and the USA etc. is that it can be incredibly difficult doing dealings with overseas businesses without having local knowledge or contacts. International food brokers in Asia help to bridge this gap.

International Food Brokers – Asia

The food industry is one of the largest in the world, with billions of dollars being spent on food around the world every day. One of the key players in ensuring the smooth running of the international food industry are international food brokers, which we shall look at in more detail in today’s article.

There are hundreds of international food brokers around the world, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding one for your business.

You have a choice of either using an international food broker in the country that you are trying to sell your product in or using a local food broker that specializes in selling and marketing local products overseas.

Due to the fact that the international food industry is so massive, most international food brokers specialize in a particular area to provide a better service to their clients. Such areas can include frozen foods, confectionary and seafood.

The internet is a fantastic tool for finding an international food broker; however word-of-mouth is particularly beneficial. Try speaking to colleagues and friends who may be able to direct you to an international food broker they have had experience dealing with.

If possible you should also try and go along to trade shows where international food brokers will be there willing to answer your questions and give you a better idea of what they can offer your business.

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Europe is another huge market for food products and there are tens of thousands of products exported and imported into and out of Europe on a daily basis. Without international food brokers in Europe it would be very difficult to create the ties and connections between European and U.S. food businesses.

As with international food breakers in Asia, the language and cultural barrier can pose many issues when dealing with European clients. An international food broker with experience and knowledge of the European market can make or break the success of your food product.